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Food for Thought

Digitalization is changing every aspect of our lives, whether it is personal or professional. In this scenario the nature of work is changing rapidly. It is predicted that 50% of job positions as we know them today will be history in 2030. Machine learning and IoT is inevitably leading to automation, leaving very little space for the execution type of jobs. 


Current economy is not creating employment it is killing jobs.


The classic types of jobs will eventually disappear as a result of the 4th industrial revolution and specialists able to work on a project basis will be highly demanded for their added value. Agility is new reality and the contingent workorce is on the rise.

There will be fewer securities as we go into the future. Plus 24/7, real-time, always connected environment forcing us to do more with less is posing signiicant pressure and increasing stress throughout demographics with working proessionals being the most vulnerable.