Tomáš Janotík

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Country: Slovakia
  Position: Labor Market Analyst


Tomáš's presentation: Measuring Labour Market Performance

The presentation will introduce a methodology for detailed monitoring of the situation on the labor market based on the data about the behavior of companies and job candidates from internet job portals.

The combination of job portal data and publicly available economic indicators can provide companies with useful insights about current situation on the market which they can utilize to improve their hiring strategies. The aim of the talk will be to show that the data about the job candidates and competition can have positive impact on everyday decision making of the company. The results will be presented on the case of Slovakia.


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For me this event was a very interesting combination of  an opportunity to get to know the latest trends in area of Big Data in HR and to meet with speakers from abroad...





Tomáš's presentation - 2015: 

Uncovering the potential of data from job portals for everyday decision making in HR

The aim of the presentation will be to demonstrate how advanced analysis of data from job portals can be utilized for creation of effective HR strategy of a company. The presentation will briefly introduce the areas where data from job portals can be useful (real-time information about structure of available candidates, monitoring the behavior of competition in various industries, analysis of fluctuation of employees, hiring process optimization, etc.). Usefulness of various types of data analysis will be illustrated by practical examples.


Tomáš's bio:

Tomáš Janotík works as Labor Market Analyst for Profesia (Slovakia's largest job portal and leader in online recruitment). His main responsibilies at this position are quantitative analysis of the behavior of labor market participants (job candidates and firms), application of statistical methods to labor market data for predictive modeling, preparation of economic forecasts and investigation of trends in various industries or market segments. The main focus of his work is developing tailor-made data products for customers in HR area which they can utilize in optimization of their hiring processes.

He finished his Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Economics and Business). Besides working at Profesia, he is currently also a Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague where he participated in teaching courses of Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Statistics at both graduate and undergraduate levels. His research interests belong to the area of Labor Economics: he currently works on developing systematized methodology for measuring labor market performance.