Henrik Gjesing Antvor

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Country: Denmark
  Position: Senior Specialist Analytics / People & Culture
  Vestas Wind Systems A/S


Henrik's presentation:


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Big Data in HR: A Hype or Opportunity?


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Some professionals seem to think that, this will be the end of HR as we know it and maybe even the end of the HR profession. Henrik is not so pessimistic...


I've enjoyed it, you bring some interesting topics to the table, great people, good presenters, the venue was really nice and innovative ideas being shared with the next generation...


Henrik's presentation - 2015:

The Changing Roles of Analytics in Times of Growth and Repositioning 

The role of Analytics function in the organisation is traditionally described as a balance between advanced statistical analysis and more basic reporting. With Vestas as a case this presentation show that the role of Analytics does not have to be static but should reflect and support the strategic needs of the company.

Specific examples of the types of analysis done in different strategic situations will be presented. Also it is suggested what kind of analytics competencies are needed in times of growth and repositioning.


Henrik's bio:

Henrik is Msc Economics and has worked with analytics for more than 15 years. Starting out in the Market Research industry he has gained real life, hands-on experience in Research Methods, e.g. planning, executing, analyzing and reporting Customer Loyalty and Employee Engagement. He has been Executive Advisor for some of Denmark's largest corporations helping them to develop early warning systems and harvest insights from them. 

As an external lecturer Henrik has taught classes in Business Performance Management and Business Research Methods at Aarhus Business School and Aarhus University. His interests include Predictive Analytics, Linking HR to bottom line and Employee Engagement.

In Vestas he has worked with Organisational Effectiveness contributing to the successful turnaround of the company in 2012-2013.