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Food for thought

Now standing at the doorstep of the digital revolution, we realize Big Data is simply something that cannot be ignored. By now we all know Big Data has been available for a while and it is going to stay. Moreover the amount of data being created every second is growing at an exponential rate.


Driving force behind big data analytics is a simple fact, we are the creatures of habit.  


Hidden in the digital trail are insights about who we are, our consumer patterns, personal preferences and even hints of what we are likely to do next. Deciphering this data into valuable insights, organizations can understand their customers or predict future talents needs. 

For a long time, we use big data for predicting the traffic, forecasting the economy, improving business models or even providing the key to the mysteries of the universe but how do we leverage big data in workforce analytics?  

To harness big data, HR needs to change the traditional way of looking at the data, search for interdependencies, find new meanings and start making more fact based decisions contributing to the bottom line.